AmveStar is one of the leading investment firms both centered in the Southeast and nationally. Based in the country’s largest city, AmveStar is at the hub of real estate investment and development. Jacksonville, Fl is ranked as the nation’s top five cities for young professionals, a leading demographic in real estate acquisition and residence. A steady increase in the population of 3% a year, the job market continues to grow at a rate of twice the national average. According to Real Wealth Network, Jacksonville’s job growth will jump forty percent in the next ten years. Our expansive portfolio is not just limited to Jacksonville, Fl as displayed in our reach we are a prominent force in the entirety of the Southeast a prominent up and coming geographical area.


With over 20 years of experience, our seasoned team is dedicated to growing a secure and fruitful investment. Our wealth of knowledge enables us to work diligently to exceed your expectations whatever the market climate. AmveStar has developed and invested debt and equity capital in more than 100 separate real estate transactions over the last ten years. We have also aided in hundreds of additional brokerage, management, and investment advisory transactions with third parties valued at more than $1 billion.