Cash in on Lucrative Value Add Multifamily Investments

Cash in on Lucrative Value Add Multifamily Investments.

The Jacksonville and Atlantic Beach real estate markets offer substantial opportunities for investors like you to generate healthy returns. However, if you only look at turnkey properties, you may be missing out on investments with incredible upside potential. As you explore multifamily investing opportunities in the local area, turn your attention to the benefits of value add multifamily projects.

5 Steps to Prepare for Your First Multifamily Real Estate Investment

5 Steps to Prepare for Your First Multifamily Real Estate Investment.

If you are preparing to invest in real estate, narrowing down your plans to a Jacksonville multifamily purchase is an excellent idea. Multifamily investing offers exceptional benefits compared to other types of commercial real estate investments. For example, financing a multifamily real estate purchase is generally easier to do than financing other types commercial properties. In addition, the ability to generate revenue from potentially dozens of tenants or more may decrease risk. Whether you are drawn to multifamily investing for these or other reasons, the Klotz Group of Companies is eager to support your efforts through these preparatory steps and beyond.

Come Home to Sea Oats Apartments

Come Home to Sea Oats Apartments.

Come home to Sea Oats Apartments - where you can escape to the laidback Atlantic Beach Lifestyle! Sea Oats is located less than a mile away from the amazing Atlantic Beach. You will love the easiness of riding your bike or walking to Atlantic Beach’s finest schools, shopping, dining, entertainment and more! Just minutes away from Hanna Park, Mayport Naval Base, Dutton Island Reserve, Jack Russel Park, Jarbor Park, Oaks Harbor Boat Ramp, Kids Splash Park, Adventure Landing, and many more astonishing beach activities.