AmveStar Capital, LLC

Amvestar Capital is a privately held Real Estate Sponsor and Investment Firm that specializes in the Multifamily Industry with two distinct & niche business strategies.

Value Add / Opportunistic Multifamily - The opportunistic acquisition of Distressed, Undervalued & High Yield B/C Class and low-risk A Class Multifamily assets throughout the Southeast United States.

Development - Ground up Development of Class A luxury projects throughout the Southeast.

Amvestar Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Klotz Group, Inc. and to date, has sponsored a series of four blind pool, discretionary real estate funds and a separate series of institutional programmatic joint ventures and SMA’s acquiring over 12,000 multifamily units throughout the Southeast and is currently developing a portfolio of six development projects along coastal areas of the Southeast with an estimated value of $600,000,000.